Sunday, 21st April 2019
Sunday, 21st April 2019

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Quicken UK alternativeIf you're looking for Quicken in the UK, there is no better way to manage your money than JioSoft Money Manager. Many existing Quicken and Quickbooks users have migrated to our software with no problem.

Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Easily import data from Quicken and Microsoft Money & other progammes.

Free Upgrades for Life

We are continuously improving the software. As improvements become available you can upgrade free of charge. There is a menu option within the software to check for updates. We will never ask you to pay for updates; we offer Free Product Upgrades for Life. This means that once you have bought the software it is future-proof you'll never have to pay again.

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If you want to find out more first see: Product Features.

Customer feedback

Very happy
I now use this accounts software instead of Quicken and am very pleased with it.

Great software
Changed to this software from Quickbooks, it's great!!.

Fantastic service
The software CD arrived the following day, very easy to install and get started

Brilliant software!!!!
How did I manage without it

Excellent product
Have been using this product now for six months without any problems - great software.

One word says it all
FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!